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What are the modes of payment available?

We accept payment using Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking, ITZ Cash Card, and various other modes of payments.

How can I cancel my flight booking online?

You can log-in to the website and cancel the flight booking. You can also check the cancellation charges.

In Case you face any problems, Our Customer Support is available 24/7 to help.

Just call on our Toll Free Numbers and get the Best Solution!

Does offer anything else rather than great flight deals?

Apart from great flight deals, offers great deals on car rentals, hotels, cruises, etc.

Is there any cancellation policy?

All the airlines have different cancellation charge. You can contact particular airline to find more about cancellation policy.

Can I know the size and weight of check-in baggage?

To know the exact size of the baggage, you need to contact particular airline. The size of the allowed baggage differ from airline to airline.

In case I wish to cancel my reservation, where can I check my refund amount?

Please follow these steps:

  • First, Log on to the website.
  • Second, choose the PNR to be canceled and
  • Last, click on the continue

For more details or any doubt, feel free to reach us via +1-844-567-5236 or


What is the standard check-in time for domestic flights?

You need to report at the counter at least 90 minutes prior to the schedule departure time.

What is the standard check-in time for international flights?

In case of international flight, you have to report at-least 120 minutes prior to the schedule departure time. The information will also be available on your ticket policies.

How can I confirm if the payment has been received?

You will receive a confirmation SMS on your given mobile number after each successful payment. You will also receive the receipt of the amount via email.

In International tickets, what customer details are required?

Major details include:

  • Passport Number
  • Issuing Country
  • Date of Birth (DD/MM/YY)
  • Gender
  • Expiry date of Passport
  • Last Name/ Surname
  • First Name

How can I print my ticket?

You can print your ticket through the booking section on . After selecting the booking, you can click on print e-ticket.

Whom to contact to avail my travel insurance?

To know about travel insurance, you can reach us via our toll free number +1-844-567-5236