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Featured Destination: Rio de Janeiro

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TAM Airlines Continues to Bring Innovation in Air Travel

When it comes to market share and fleet size, TAM Airlines after merging with LAN Airlines has become the largest carrier in Brazil even though it fails to hold the stature of flag carrier. The merger between the two airline entities has led to the formation of LATAM Airlines Group, the parent company that operates TAM Airlines to destinations within Brazil, parts of Europe and other parts of North and South America. This airline provides service to millions of passengers and keeps Brazil connected through air with rest of the world.

Reasons to Fly with TAM Airlines

  • Proactive customer service indeed separates TAM Airlines flights from other carriers

  • Planning to upgrade business class products including seating solution, meal and beverages, as well as sources of in-flight entertainment

  • TAM airlines tickets are competitively priced if you book them through

  • TAM airlines baggage allowance is relatively generous

  • TAM Brazilian airlines connects Brazil to Europe as well as North and South America.

TAM Airlines Strives to Upgrade Business Class Sans First Class

To provide better travel experience to flyers, TAM Airlines flights are come with more comfortable business class seats, not to forget to mention that this carrier discontinues first class services. The moment an occupant reclines a seat of business class, it extends up to 84 inches, ensuring the person to fly to North America and Europe with greater comfort. With elimination of first class services, TAM Airlines reservations are allotted only for two travel classes: business and economy on flights to its 19 destinations. – A Leading Online Platform to Grab Attractive TAM Airlines Deals

Stay connected with and get confirmation on TAM Airlines reservations without making a hole in the pocket. We guarantee to offer TAM Airlines deals on business and economy class that are hard to find anywhere else. So, make your travel cheaper and comfortable by booking TAM flights today through us.

TAM Airlines’ Highest Selling Routes along with Their Airports

  • Orlando – Orlando International Airport

  • Toronto – Toronto Pearson International Airport

  • New York – JFK International Airport

  • Miami – Miami International Airport